lawrances traditional breads

Lawrance’s Tasty Traditional Breads

At Lawrance’s bakery we are very proud of our selection of breads that we bake here on our premises in Evesham and Pershore using UK derived flour. Thanks to the ingredients and skills we put into each and every loaf, our bread is famous around the local community and further afield. Known for its taste, texture and overall quality, the range of breads we bake include everything from traditional styles to the popular artisan breads.

Although we like to keep up to date with new practices, we mainly favour using the old traditional methods of baking such as using sponge doughs which are kept overnight to impart more flavour. We have mastered the art of baking bread over many years and we like to think of our own bakers as actual craftsmen, blending the finest ingredients to create loaves that you will keep coming back for.

Our bread’s range from tasty Sandwich Loaves, Split Tins, Wholemeal and Granary to speciality breads such as Spelt & Honey, Rye, Procorn and Sourdoughs. There is a type of bread for all tastes and you will find the cost is very down to earth too.

Head over to either our Evesham or Pershore bakery to find out just how tasty our breads are. Explore the loaves and find that perfect bread for your own taste buds. At Lawrance’s we are sure you will eat with a smile on your face!